You've been spinning for a while now and scored some pretty good gigs. You make decent money. You know you got what it takes to move to the next level. But how do you get there?
This program is for DJs ready to take their business to the next level.
This 12-week course will take you through the foundations of developing your business to attract and generate more gigs. You'll finish the program with the system to build a six-figure career.


I'm Shammy Dee. I'm a DJ, Artist, & Coach. 


Shammy Dee’s career spans the breadth of entertainment. Based in Los Angeles, he’s a successful full-time artist, DJ, producer, actor, performer, and entrepreneur for almost a decade.  

Ever the strategist, Shammy has a unique gift of combining strategy and execution. It’s more than just a plan, he knows how you should execute to get results. He’s been trusted by people of all kinds - authors, musicians, DJs, singers, and producers – to give tailored insight and advice on what they are working on. He pulls from his 20+ years experience in the game to give practical solutions to today's fast-changing atmosphere. 

As a coach, Shammy offers support and instruction to all his clients, helping them navigate to their next level effectively and quickly. Like his DJ’ing, he tailors his efforts to each client’s unique situation, giving them the alley-oop to the next step.  


Shammy's played for some of the biggest global brands, companies, and celebrities – from Adidas, Louis Vuitton, Playboy, Disney, Red Bull, YouTube, Intel, to the Kardashians, 50 Cent, Alicia Keys and much more. He’s done 3 national tours, twice as the tour DJ for social media sensation DeStorm Power. He’s played on the same stage as Diplo and opened for Kendrick Lamar and Michael Buble.  

But DJ’ing is just the start. As an artist, he’s produced and released multiple solo projects, starting with his debut album, Transcripted Thoughts, which had two number 1 singles on national college charts. He’s produced for multiple independent artists, such as DeStorm, Vejae, Jason Perez, Kathleen Riggs, Dayne Alexander, and Slim da Reazon.  

As an actor, he’s worked on film, television, and stage. He’s been on multiple television shows, the most notable being How I Met Your Mother and the “Bad Game” Gamefly commercial. 

His music, acting, and DJ experience has created a unique path in theater where he is one of few people who have carved out a lane merging hip hop and theater. He’s worked at some of the most prestigious theatres nationally as a composer and music director. As a composer, he’s worked on Vietgone (ACT SF, East West Players). As a music director he’s worked on the world premiere of Poor Yella Rednecks (South Coast Reparatory), Tiger Style! (La Jolla Playhouse), How We Got On (The Cleveland Playhouse), and Welcome To Arroyo’s (The Old Globe). He’s also done sound design for WillPower’s The Seven (Occidental College). 

On top of constantly working on new music and working with artists, Shammy is now taking all this experience and bringing it into coaching, helping DJs focus on what’s important to advance their career. His focus is on helping DJs scale their business to six-figures.  

My services are most effective for working DJs who:

  • Are ready to take their business to the next level.
  • Are ready to start making the kind of income they are worth.
  • Want to be able to book the kind of gigs that align with their vision.
  • Are ready to do the work required to step their game up.