Shammy Dee’s goal is to help DJs accelerate their success and help book more gigs at higher prices.

He does this by pulling on his extensive career.

DJ'ing for over 22 years, he's turned his passion for music into a full time professional career for well over a decade. Based in Los Angeles, he's played for globally known brands, toured the nation multiple times, and even played music for some of the biggest artists and celebrities in the world.

His career takes an interesting twist. On top of DJ'ing, he's also been an actor on major TV shows, national commercials, and movies. He's also an artist and producer, working on projects for TV, theater, and other independent artists. There are only a handful of DJs who have a career like Shammy's.

It's hard making a living as a DJ. But he's done it for a long time and brings his experience in entertainment to help you create an actual career for yourself. In the past year, he's helped other DJs double their income, build up their network, and lay the groundwork to make DJ'ing their full time job.

His ability to zero in on what you need to do to succeed in a this business is highly respected. This is why people of all kinds - authors, musicians, DJs, singers, producers, and creatives – trust him to give tailored insight and advice on what they are working on.

He sends out weekly emails to help DJs grow their business.
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My services are most effective for working DJs who:

  • Want to double their rates.
  • Want to know what it takes be a full-time DJ.
  • Want to be able to make more money as a side hustle.
  • Want to grow an audience that will book them whenever they need a DJ.


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