Pandemic Resources for DJs.

During this time, the government has offered two loan programs that have been ongoing since April.
Both are worth your consideration.

DISCLAIMER: This is not legal or financial advice. This is an educational resource for DJs who are looking for financial assistance.

Paycheck Protection Program

This loan program was developed in order to help small businesses pay their employees for two months worth of work with the possibility of getting a portion, if not all, of the loan forgiven if businesses meet the criteria of how they spend the loan. You can only spend it on specific categories.

You can apply for this loan through the bank that you have a business checking account with.

Click here for more info from the SBA or check with your bank. It's worth applying for as the interest rate is very reasonable with this loan - 1% with 6 months of deferred payments.

Economic Injury Disaster Loan

This loan is offered through the SBA. EIDL programs have been around for a long time and the SBA has opened up the program to any business that needs it.

There is also an EIDL Advance where you may be eligible for up to $10,000 of economic relief. The advance is essentially a grant from the SBA that you do not need to pay back!

If you are approved for the loan, the terms are a 3.75% interest rate with a 30 year repayment term. Payments are deferred for the first year.

Click here to apply. This could be helpful to keep your business afloat right now.

(A word of caution! - The terms of this loan are VERY particular. If you get approved, be very careful of what you are signing because you are only allowed to use the loan for specific purposes and if you use them for something other than that, you could be liable for fraud.)

Resources for the Beginning DJ.


The Beat Junkies are a legendary DJ crew based out of Los Angeles that currently have their own DJ school in Glendale, CA. They've taken their knowledge of 20+ years experience in the clubs, radio, and battling and bring it to you in online format as well.  

I've personally taken classes and private lessons at BJIOS and heavily vouch for what they teach and how they teach it. They stay true to their mantra of "building better DJs." I can't recommend them enough. 

If you are just getting started, look at their "Foundations of DJ'ing" course to get you going. If you've been DJ'ing for a while and want to up your skills, they have plenty of trainings that will keep you sharp like a Ginsu knife!


The list is deep, but here are some record pools I recommend:
Beat Junkies Record Pool
DJ City
Club Killers


If you are starting out, this is what I would suggest for a simple home setup.

Pioneer SB3 Serato DJ Pioneer DM 40 or M-Audio AV32 speakers Whatever headphones you want to use.  

You can get all this for $500 or less (if you go used). Make sure you have enough room on your laptop for all the music you need!

Eventually, as you save up some $$, the QSC CP8 speakers would be a great starting point for gigging out.