In this time of uncertainty, when we've lost gigs, lost money, and are not sure when things will return to normal, we might be unsure what to do in order to make a living.

I started this series as a way to help.
As DJs, we provide a incredible service to our clients,
but our work as freelancers gets hit incredibly hard in moments like now.

I'm talking with experts in various fields - from design to finance to technology -
on the important things you need to set you up for success.



For The Culture Ep 7: The Fundamentals of Marketing For DJs with Affad Shaikh and the Braintrust

In the 6th installment of For The Culture, Affad, Jason, and Eric (whom I call the Braintrust) explain the basics of marketing and breakdown the fundamental marketing principles you need to know in order to create an effective marketing plan for your business. It's a lengthy discussion, but well worth the watch.

For The Culture Ep 6: Instagram Content Creation for DJs with Dellea Copeland

In the 6th installment of the For The Culture series, I talk with the Brand Boss Queen herself, Dellea Copeland, about how to flip your IG profile to make it work for you. She drops some serious gems in this talk, so make sure to take notes!

Follow Dellea on IG, @brandbossco
Download her Instagram Checklist for your profile here:

Open Coaching Call

Get a behind the curtain look at Shammy's open coaching calls. You'll get a sense of how he engages with his Spin To Six students one-to-one.

Ep. 5: Shmoney Talk - Managing Taxes with Blanca Granados

In the 5th installment of For The Culture, DJ Blanca G and I talk about how to manage your taxes if you are a self-employed DJ business. These principles also apply to you as working creatives. She drops some gems in this one, especially when she talks about the D-word...

For more info about tax prep, check out www.villzap.com.

Ep. 4: Shmoney Talk - Handling Your Finances with Sarah Kleinknecht

In the 4th installment of the "For The Culture" series, Sarah Kleinknecht and I have an open chat about how to manage your money if you are in a critical situation right now. I also talk about my method of handling finances that you can use for yourself.

For more info about Sarah and her financial services, go to www.montelmcreditsolutions.com

Ep. 3: 3 Things Your Website Needs To Make You $$$ with Abe Cajudo

In the 3rd installment of the "For The Culture" series, Abe Cajudo and myself have a in-depth chat about how to get your website working for you as a DJ. This info applies to all creatives and artists.

For more info about Abe, go to

Ep. 2: Why You Should Be Livestreaming Now with Rodney Cajudo

If there is anytime that livestreaming matters, it's now. People are hungry (and bored) to consume good music. This is where you come into play! In the 2nd installment of the "For The Culture" series, Rodney and I discuss why you livestreaming should be part of your DJ career.

If you want more insight on how to livestream, email Rodney at rodney.cajudo@gmail.com

Ep. 1 - 10 Things You Can Do To Help Your Career During This Downtime

With what's happening right now, I've started up a webinar series "For The Culture." These webinars are designed to help you develop your business during this time.

Here is a list of things DJs can do in this down period. Yes, the state of work is not looking good for us as DJs and performers, but we can definitely be using this time to better our careers in preparation for success once we get through this.